Bluebay Hotel Chalkidiki

On the undulating Kassandra Peninsula there is an entrance to a hidden paradise: the intimate Blue Bay Hotel with unrivalled views across the Aegean Sea. The restful ambience, along with the symmetry of the hotel and the nature, soothes the senses. As a true gem, Blue Bay Hotel offers spacious rooms, magnificent pools, quality service, Greek flavors and smiling people. The best ingredients to welcome back guests year after year.

The Blue Bay Hotel opened in 1997 with 22 rooms with enchanting views. The expansion of the hotel was accompanied with the establishment of Blue Bay S. A. The year 2008 the hotel was upgraded with new wings and luxury services. Now has 68 rooms and suites all with amazing views. A package of subtle luxury, cozy atmosphere in a setting of natural surroundings was the vision of Tsapanidis family. The pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone principle.

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